My new favorite CMS: Kirby

cms, coding, kirby

This website is made with Kirby. I'm skeptical about Content Management Systems after using Drupal 8 and Wordpress. These big(ger) systems have grown organically over the years and a lot of bloat and inconsistencies that are noticeable and make things unnecessarily complicated.

After these past few days I can confidently say that Kirby is awesome. The community and ecosystem are not that big but there's a lot of thought that went into the developer experience. For example enabling the website to be multilingual is as easy as adjusting the config file like this.

return [
    'languages' => true,
    'languages.detect' => true,

No bloat, no weird API. Definitely worth paying for. Sometimes it's a bit magical but reading the source code is always an option. If you haven't tried it yet, here's my recommendation to check it out.